HYBRID KUNG FU - Techniques, Principles and Strategies


What I am offering is a non-traditional approach to martial arts and self-improvement through application of a wide variety of Kung fu techniques, principles and strategies. After being the victim of a home invasion in 1993 I started my journey into Chinese Kung fu. Since then I've studied the following styles: Bruce Lee's Jeet Kun do, Hung Gar, Shaolin, Yang style Tai Chi, Wing Chun, Long Fist, Crane, Snake and Dragon. Since 2005 I've helped run an open sparring club where all that I learned was tested and honed down to a "style" of my own. Having lived in Asia for five years, plus three years at Shaolin Overseas Temple in Queens, NY, in addition to decades of Buddhist and Taoist practices and studying under other great masters in both Asia and America, I am systemizing what I've learned to share publicly. For a more detailed Kung fu biography please visit my site http://edu-tainmentdevelopment.weebly.com/kungfu.html .


My approach to teaching what I do is to teach students to re-calibrate their body so that it is a highly sensitized extension of a centered and observant mind. All humans are bound to the same principles of physics, as such I teach how to harness physics through Kung fu techniques and yogic techniques from Buddhism and Taoism. All people are prone to Fear and Desire; these are, to an extent, the two primary forces that inform our decisions. I teach how to transcend these to give you an enormous advantage in combat and in life. I will share my Philosophy of Strategy based on years of experience and contemplation. When you employ Principles of Kung fu to combine Technique within Strategy, you will be a formidable martial artists.  This is the "Art" of Martial Arts. 

The Hybrid Kung Fu Curriculum includes the following:

  • Zen Meditation
  • Cultivating "Chi" energy
  • Manipulating your center of gravity
  • Harmonizing the Three Sections (Shaolin)
  • Stepping patterns and Stances
  • Applying Taoist principles
  • Long and Short Range
  • Forms of Offense
  • Forms of Defense
  • Sensitivity Training
  • Spacial Awareness and Timing
  • Joint Locks and Throws
  • Combinations
  • Multiple Attackers
  • Sparring
  • Combat
  • Ethics and Law
  • Mind-Body-Spirit
  • East meets West: Culture and Commerce of Martial Arts

    Video will be forthcoming. Thanks for joining me on the journey!

    - Donald Jackson








Kiyomizodera, Kyoto - SumiE painting by Donald Jackson

Ali Shan Mountain Monk - Watercolor painting by Donald Jackson